Frequently Asked Questions

Does Aiken County require a business license?

Aiken County does not require a business license in the unincorporated area of the county. However, if you are going to be conducting business in any of the cities, you need to check with them for business licenses. Also check with the Planning & Development Department (803.642.1520) to see if the area where your business will be located is zoned to allow a commercial establishment.

How can I do business with the County?

Vendors must register with the Procurement Office by filling out the Vendor Application. The application is available here. Vendors will be notified of bid and proposal opportunities according to the Commodities marked on the Vendor Application. There is no limit to the number of commodities allowed for a vendor. Vendors are not required to respond to a bid invitation in order to stay on the vendor list. The vendor list is updated every two years.

How do I get a building permit?

For building permits located anywhere in the County except in the cities of Aiken and North Augusta, apply at the Planning & Development Department (803.642.1518). You will need to bring two sets of construction plans, and know your tax parcel number. If you will not be using public sewer, a septic tank permit from DHEC is required. A building permit is required for any construction valued at $1,000 or more. A General Contractor's License is required for anyone constructing a non-residential building valued more than $5,000.

For building inside the cities of Aiken or North Augusta, please contact their building permit offices.

How do I get more information on an appeal against the valuation of real property?

How do I stop telemarketers from calling my home?

The Federal government has established the national Do Not Call Registry, which is intended to stop most but not all telemarketing calls. Please visit their site at to register your home and cell phone numbers.

How do I transfer a tag (license plate)?

The transfer of a license plate is handled through the State's Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV). A visit to the County's Auditor's office is not needed when a license plate is being transferred. There are certain requirements in ownership and weight of the vehicle that the plate is being transferred from and also the vehicle it will be transferred onto. Contacting one of the local SCDMV would be advisable prior to their visit.

SCDMV locations in Aiken County:

North Augusta

Must I notify someone before burning leaves or limbs in my yard?

According to the SC Forestry Commission website, State law requires that you notify the Forestry Commission prior to burning outdoors. In most cases, the law applies to burning leaves, limbs and branches that you clean up from your yard. The notification law does not apply within town or city limits, but other local ordinances may apply within those areas; be sure to check with those local officials before burning. In Aiken County, dial toll-free 800.895.7057 for a quick, easy way to make your yard debris burning notification. Just dial the number, listen to the message, and leave your name, address and phone number. The law requires that you clear a firebreak around the burning site and have the right equipment available to keep the fire under control. You must also stay with the fire until it is completely safe. Please visit the Forestry Commission's website for more information on outdoor burning:

What are the reasons to file an appeal against the valuation of real property?

What health and training programs does the County provide to its employees

What types of services and products are the County looking for?

Aiken County Procurement does all bids, proposals, and purchase orders for County departments.

The items/services may vary from year to year, but some general categories are consistent. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: paving, roof repair/replacement, masonry, building construction/repair, auto/truck parts, engineering/surveying, architects, plumbing and electrical repair, construction equipment, cars and trucks, swimming pool repair, sand and gravel, instrumentation repair and calibration, chlorine, long distance service, telephone equipment, park equipment, computer equipment, networking equipment, fiber optic services, radio equipment, recycling equipment, microfilm services, office furniture, sale of recyclables.

When can you file an appeal against the valuation of real property?

An appeal must be filed in writing within 30 days of receiving the assessment notice. You must file your appeal with the County Assessor. Don't wait until your tax bill arrives to appeal your new value; it's too late then.

Where can I find information about jobs available at the County

Where would I find the information on bids and RFPs?

Click on the following link for information on current and recent bids, RFPs, and awards.

Procurement Solicitations

Who can file an appeal against the valuation of real property?

The property owner has the right to appeal the new value assigned to their property if, after receiving their assessment notice, they disagree with the new value.

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