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Manufactured Home Moving Permits / Registration


Within Aiken County - Bring the title OR completed DMV Form 400 & receipt from the DMV, along with a tax receipt showing taxes are paid current and the name of the moving company or individual to the Planning & Development Department (Suite 2800). The fee for a moving permit is $30.00. Once the home is moved, you have 15 days to follow the steps below and register the manufactured home.

To Aiken County From Another County - The moving permit is obtained from the county the manufactured home is coming from. Bring a copy of this moving permit along with you to register the manufactured home (see steps below) within 15 days of the home being placed in Aiken County.

From Aiken County to Another County – Bring the title OR completed DMV Form 400 & receipt from the DMV, along with a tax receipt showing taxes are paid (including the current year), name of moving company or individual, and the address where the home is to be moved to. Current year tax bills may be obtained from the Assessor’s Office (Suite 2400).

A manufactured home must be registered in the county to which it is moved within 15 days of the move. Please check with the registering agent in the receiving county before the move to inquire about zoning and other regulations.


1. Obtain a Manufactured Home Development Permit from the Planning & Development Department (Suite 2800). The permit fee is $15.00. (If septic tank is already installed, proceed to next step)

2. Obtain a Septic Tank Permit from DHEC ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH (206 Beaufort Street NE Aiken, SC 29801). Bring a plat or deed to the property to construct a new septic tank for a home not in an approved subdivision. If septic tank is existing, request a septic tank approval letter verifying that there is a septic tank on the property.

3. Register the Manufactured Home - Bring a title in your name OR purchase agreement and a completed DMV Form 400, and all other paperwork received from Planning & Development (parcel number, address verification, moving permit, manufactured home development permit and FINAL septic tank approval from DHEC) to 1930 University Parkway, Suite 2800. The cost for manufactured home registration is $200.00. If septic tank is existing and a development permit was not issued within the last year, an additional charge of $15.00 will apply.

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