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The mission of the Aiken County Public Service Authority (PSA), which operates the Horse Creek Pollution Control Facility (HCPCF), remains to produce "Clean Water for Tomorrow." This is accomplished by providing efficient and economical wastewater service to the cities of Aiken and North Augusta, the numerous water districts in between, as well as local industry. Presently, of the twenty million gallons per day (20 MGD) permitted, the HCPCF treats approximately thirteen million gallons of wastewater each day.

Treated effluent, after physical, biological and chemical treatment, is released to the Savannah River for reuse downstream. Effective pretreatment monitoring of local industries ensures that possible "pass-through" pollutants are removed at the source, and that wastewater treatment byproducts remain as viable options for land application; thereby resulting in 100% recycling of the waste stream.

Expenditures, the basis for setting customer rates, have not increased significantly over the past five years despite stricter environmental regulations, aging equipment, and inflation. Treatment costs at HCPCF continue to remain as one of the lowest in the southeast. In order to maintain these low rates, the County must be aggressive in connecting new residential and industrial customers to the sewer system. By adding additional customers, and thus additional flow, stabilized future treatment costs are realized for all system users. Therefore, priority should be placed on system expansion aimed at attracting industrial, commercial and residential customers.

The Aiken County Public Service Authority operates solely as a self-supporting enterprise fund. Utilizing no monies derived from Aiken County Taxes, the Aiken County PSA and its customers continue to work together to achieve a pollution free environment.

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