Storm Clean-up Work May Be Completed by End of April

Status reports released March 31 indicate an estimated 92% of storm debris has been collected from County roads. The projected completion date of storm cleanup is the end of April.

Here are the latest status reports, for work through March 30:

Aiken County contractor Southern Disaster Recovery (SDR) is removing hangers, leaners and storm debris from County roadsides.

So, what are a hanger and a leaner? A hanger is a dislodged limb that is fractured or broken that may fall into the public right-of-way. A leaner is a tree, out of plumb, that may fall into a roadway or if originating from a roadway may fall onto private property.

SDR is moving through the 28 zones that were mentioned last week. The most efficient way to remove the debris is to get the hangers and leaners downed first. In some areas, debris is being removed BEFORE the hangers and leaners are removed; in some areas, hangers and leaners are being removed FIRST. Please remind people to be patient as all debris is removed from the roadways.

Here are a few numbers to keep in mind:

  • Number of subcontractors working for Aiken County Government, under SDR: about 15
  • Number of bucket trucks working for Aiken County Government: over 45
  • Number of personnel working to help Aiken County Government to remove debris : over 175
  • Of these personnel helping us, 75 of them are local residents.
  • Percent of total debris that has been collected, as of last Sunday (March 9th): approximately 35%

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