Code Enforcement

Government Center

1930 University Parkway | Suite 3400

Aiken, SC 29801

  803.502.9000 ext. 3704

Enforcement Division (Complaint Driven)

Dispatch: Manages all incoming calls concerning animal enforcement, litter enforcement, property nuisance, zoning enforcement and business and mobile home registration enforcement. Dispatch will make sure any emails, phone calls, or concerns are directed to the appropriate officer serving that area and expertise.
803.502.9000 ext. 3704

Animal Enforcement: Enforces and handles animal complaints; to include but not limited to injured & stray animals, wellbeing checks, abuse/neglect, owner surrenders, dog bite/attack cases, cruelty concerns, barking complaints, and tethering complaints. All wildlife nuisance concerns are directed to SCDNR 803.955.4000 (South Carolina Department of Natural Resources). In most cases DNR will refer callers to private trappers if it is a wildlife nuisance issue, listed on website. Deceased animals on a State road are referred to SCDOT 803.641.7665 and on County roads to Roads & Bridges at 803.642.1532. Deceased animals on private property are the owners responsibility.

Litter Enforcement: Enforces litter, illegal dumping, littering from vehicles, and Community Service Program – Assign A Highway
Example: Illegal dumping of tires on a property, garbage/furniture dumped on the side of the road (in the road right of way), illegal dumping on private property, trash being thrown from or blown out of a vehicle, and community service. Community service is ordered by the court, assigning offenders to roadways, picking up litter and debris.

Property Nuisance: Enforces unlawful structures, uninhabitable structures, and properties in violation of Section 15-22 of Aiken County Codes. Illegal burning complaints should be referred to SCDHEC at 803.642.1637.
Example: Household garbage or disabled vehicles on property, person(s) living in a camper/RV or an unlawful structure; person(s) living in a tent; home without essential services; swimming pools holding stagnant water.
Note: Aesthetics are not enforced in unincorporated areas of Aiken County.

Zoning Enforcement: Enforces complaints of items or activities that do not adhere to Aiken County’s Land Management Regulations and zoning.
Example: Signs in the road right of way, building without a permit, business in an area not zoned for business, chickens/farm animals in residentially zoned areas.

Mobile Home Registration/Tax Collection Enforcement: Verifies registrations of mobile homes placed in Aiken County, post for property tax collection, and property tax redemption.
Example: Someone moving a mobile home from one location to another and not filing the proper paperwork.

Animal Shelter Division

The Animal Service Division of the Code Enforcement Department includes the County Animal Shelter and Animal Enforcement. Shelter staff operates and maintains the Animal Shelter while Animal Enforcement enforces State Laws and County Ordinances regarding animal control.

Adoption hours: Monday - Friday: 11:00 - 5:00 | Saturday: 11:00 - 4:30

Adoption fees: Dogs -$70.00 | Cats - $35.00 (includes spay/neuter, microchip & rabies shot) - (May vary depending on monthly specials) visit to see the wonderful dogs and cats for adoption.

For volunteer & foster opportunities at the Shelter – visit

Citizen Stray Intake hours- Monday - Friday: 12:00 - 4:00

Owner Surrender by Appointment: - Call 803.642.1537 prompt #7

Surrender Fees: $15.00 per animal

Surrender Fee Exceptions: Surrender of Female w/ litter of 1-6 is $25.00 | Surrender of Female w/ 7+ is $50.00

Fees for Animal Control Officer pick up of surrendered dog or cat at home or business: $50.00


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