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Aiken County Stormwater Division provides / assists in inspections, maintenance, and repairs for county stormwater drainage systems. The goal of the stormwater maintenance management program is to reduce pollutants to the environment and the potential for stormwater damage to property.

Maintenance Services Stormwater Provides


Stormwater Division inspects, maintain, and repair all types of stormwater management facilities including above-ground and water quality facilities.

All inspections are performed by experienced and qualified inspectors experienced in facility design, construction and troubleshooting.

  • Bi-annual visual Inspections- A brief inspection usually performed prior to the bi-annual maintenance to identify unusual items that our crews may be able to address when they arrive.
  • Spot-check after significant storms- We spot-check facilities during or after large storm events throughout the year. These inspections can be helpful in monitoring actual performance and evaluating potential serious problems such as seepage.

Scheduled Maintenance

Stormwater Maintenance program conducts annual inspections of all county owned storm water facilities which usually include scheduled services. Our typical maintenance addresses the following items:


The repair of stormwater management facilities can range from major reconstructive efforts (caused by problems with the initial construction or long-term neglect) to small and mundane maintenance measures.


Which require grass or groundcover be mowed at least two times every year.

Maintain Vegetative Cover

Stormwater Division monitors grass and ground cover and will routinely seed or treat bare areas as needed.

Tree and Brush Removal

Woody growth cannot be allowed to grow on fill embankments or close to riser structures. A proper mowing schedule will keep trees and brush from becoming established, however, some areas may not be accessible for mowing equipment. We make sure all areas are maintained to ensure long-term embankment stability.

Removal of Sediments

Sediments can contain many pollutants and one of the primary purposes of stormwater management is to remove them before they can reach streams. Maintenance visits allow us to monitor the volume of sediments before they become a major issue.

Risers, Pipes and Other Appurtenances

These structures are crucial to the function and safety of stormwater detention ponds. They regulate and convey flows from storm events - sometimes at significant volumes and flow rates. The most common problem that can lead to major problems during large storms is blockage.

Access, Fencing and Safety

Stormwater Division makes sure that access and fencing is appropriately maintained for the safety of the public.

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