Building Permits


Submit to the Planning & Development Office the following:

1. Two (2) sets of drawings including foundation plan, roof plan, floor plan with electrical and wall section for your planned building

2. The building permit application

3. Septic tank permit (if applicable) can be obtained from DES (206 Beaufort St NE, Aiken)


  • Have the site plan for the proposed development approved by the Planning & Development Director.
  • Note: Site approval requires approximately 15 working days, or more if revised or additional information is required. A building permit can not be issued until the site plan has been approved.

  • Apply for septic tank permit from DES (206 Beaufort St NE, Aiken)

  • Obtain and complete a building permit application.

  • Submit application, Septic tank permit and two sets of building plans to the zoning planner for review. Building plans must show all rooms, dimensions, cross section from roof erection ridge to footing, and structural members.

    ******* ATTENTION *******

    The following structures will require a plan designed and sealed by an architect licensed by the State of South Carolina:

  • A building of 5,000 square feet or more of gross floor area and/or more than two stories high

  • A building of institutional, educational or hazardous occupancies as defined by the Standard Building Code

  • Places of assembly (churches, theaters, meeting halls, etc.)

  • Residential structures other than detached single-family or two-family dwellings, as defined in Group R3 of the Standard Building Code, or any residential unit not having a grade-level exit

  • A General Contractor licensed by the State of South Carolina will be required for all of the above structures with the exception of the last, as well as any commercial/non residential structure valued at $5000 or more as calculated by building evaluation charts.

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