Sign Permit

For every sign, temporary or permanent, erected in unincorporated Aiken County, a sign permit must be obtained. If there is an existing sign on the site, a sign face change form may be submitted for approval without obtaining a building permit. However, the sign cannot be enlarged in size or moved to another location without obtaining a building permit.

The size, type, and number of signs allowed on a piece of property depends on several factors including the following: the zoning of the property, linear street frontage (measured in feet from property-pin to property-pin), and linear building frontage (measured in feet from corner-to-corner of the structure).

Sign permit applications are available in the Planning & Development Department. Instructions for proper submission are listed in the packet. The application is reviewed by the Planner for compliance with the Aiken County Land Management Regulations. Upon approval by the Planner, the application is forwarded to the Codes Division for structural review and calculation of the permit fee by the Commercial Plans Reviewer. The fee is paid when review of the application is completed and the permit is ready to be picked up. For questions regarding the sign permitting process, call 803.642.1520. Questions involving structural matters can be answered by the Codes Division at 803.642.1518.

NOTE:   Approval by Aiken County does not imply approval by the State of South Carolina. Contact the South Carolina Department of Transportation at 803.641.7665 before proceeding with any off-premise outdoor advertising along a federally regulated highway.

Download the Sign Permit Application

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