Emergency Operations Center

The Aiken County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) provides a central location from which government at any level (local, state, Federal) can provide interagency coordination and executive decision-making in support of the incident response.
The EOC is the central command and control facility charged with carrying out the mission of the Aiken County Emergency Management Division.

The EOC is located in a secure hardened facility to ensure protection from severe weather and other natural and manmade threats. The EOC has emergency backup power and interoperable emergency communications.

The following Operational Conditions (Op cons) determine the level of activation of the EOC:

Opcon1  Disaster or emergency situation in effect; full-fledged emergency response operations on-going; highest state of emergency operations.
Opcon 2  Disaster or emergency situation in effect; maximum preparedness level; full activation of the EOC
opcon 3  Disaster or emergency situation likely or imminent. Full or partial activation of EOC; activate Aiken County Emergency Operations Plan and the appropriate specific impact hazard emergency plan.
opcon 4  Possibility of an emergency or disaster situation that may require a partial or full activation of the Aiken County Operations Center (EOC).
opcon 5  Day-to-day operations to include normal training and exercises





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