Road Paving

The County's Public Works Department coordinates the maintenance of County roads.

Request for New Residential Driveway

Aiken County Roadways

Installation of a new residential driveway entrance on Aiken County maintain roadways requires specific criteria to be met before a work order and or installation can begin.  The following is the information needed to meet those requirements:

  • Aiken County will provide one (1) per individual parcel.
  • The request must come from the property owner.
  • Copies of the plat and deed to the property, with the name of the owner of the property must be furnished with picture ID.
  • The driveway must access existing property or property bring developed for the personal use (residential) of the owner.
  • Provide a copy of a septic tank permit, building permit or utility agreement in the owner’s name.

Driveway Construction

Aiken County will provide 24 feet of driveway pipe on roads that are paved and 20 feet of pipe on dirt and rock roads.  If more pipe is needed, the property owner will be responsible for purchasing extra pipe. Aiken County does not pave the driveway aprons.  The Road & Bridges office will have the prices and information for purchasing extra pipe.



Aiken County does not install driveways or any other access for any commercial purposes. That will be the responsibly of the owner.


Driveway Maintenance

Maintenance of residential and commercial driveway entrances with the right-of-way may be performed by Roads and Bridges division if deemed necessary by Aiken County. They will address any hazards that exist within the right-of-way, including the roadway shoulder, pipes and ditches etc.

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