Hazardous Materials

Besides dealing with typical emergency response challenges, the HAZMAT Team intentionally intervenes in chemical, biological, and radiological accidents. The team is available for mutual aid response to neighboring counties.
Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Emergency response to hazardous material incidents
  • Training on different types of hazardous materials and specialized equipment
  • Training is a requirement for all members of the Aiken County Hazardous Materials team in accordance with 29CFR1910.120 (q) and the Aiken County HAZMAT Team Emergency Operating Plan (EOP)
  • Protection of public health and safety
  • Protection of the environment and mitigation of environmental damage
  • Protection of property and assets
  • Safety of all emergency responders
  • Industrial facility preplanning

Notable Accomplishments:
  • Thirty-two person team with 20 members trained in various specialties: COBRA, Chlorine, Ammonia, Toxicology
  • Numerous members have completed specialty training in weapons of mass destruction courses ranging from explosives to toxicology
  • Fifteen members have completed specialty training in chlorine
  • Ten members completed specialty training in ammonia through the Potash Corporation

The HAZMAT Team's website is available here.

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