Manufactured Home Park Permits

Aiken County ordinance defines a manufactured home park as any parcel of land or combination of contiguous or adjoining parcels of land owned by one (1) person or group of persons doing business as one (1) entity being used for the purpose of supplying parking space on a rental or lease basis for five (5) or more manufactured homes and which may include buildings, structures, vehicles, or enclosures used or intended for use as part of such manufactured home park. Before a manufactured home park can be established, a manufactured home park permit must be obtained from the Planning & Development department.

An application packet for manufactured home park permits has been prepared. The packet contains:

  • Application For Manufactured Home Park Site Plan Approval
  • Conditions for Manufactured Home Site Plan Approval
  • Storm Water Management Permit Application
Complete and submit the application plus eleven (11) copies of the complete site plan, three (3) sets of drainage calculations, the completed NOI form, a traffic impact study and the review fee to the Planning & Development Department (Suite 2800). In order to avoid delays in the review and approval process, the site plan should contain all the information noted in the application packet. Contact the Manufactured Home Park Planner at 803.642.1520 with any questions.
The Aiken County Planning Commission is responsible for reviewing and approving site plans for all manufactured home parks. Plans must be submitted to the Planning & Development Department a minimum of four (4) weeks prior to the regularly-scheduled monthly meeting of the Aiken County Planning Commission.

Review of the site plan for manufactured home parks may require more than thirty (30) days. Time required for review of a site plan will vary depending on the number of applications submitted for approval, and whether all required information has been provided on the initial site plan and application form.

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