Master-in-Equity Announcement

July 6, 2020 Foreclosure Sale
June 19, 2020

The memorandum from the South Carolina Supreme Court dated June 2, 2020 provides the “nonjury matters may be heard in person if it can be conducted in a reasonably safe manner. Reasonably safe manner assumes adherence to CDC social distancing recommendations, wearing of personal protective equipment when appropriate…”

South Carolina Administrative Order 2020-04-22-01 provides that “scheduling matters are to be conducted in a manner to minimize the risk to parties.

In order to minimize the risk to persons attending the foreclosure sale and any upset bid sales, all persons who attend are required to wear a protective mask and observe social distancing in the courtroom. Any successful third party bidders will wait outside of the Master-In-Equity Office. The clerk will complete each third party bid transaction individually before calling the next successful bidder to come to the Master-in-Equity Office.

Please Contact Shannon Jowers at (803)642-2025 if you have any questions.

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